Saturday, 1 September 2012

When I was in Pithoragarh – Part 4

After taking little rest I went for trekking. My host and his friend were waiting for me at market. To save time we decided cover road area by car and then almost 12km we will trek. By 4 O'clock, we reached at trek point. Sun was bright but not scorching. We started trek and came across with a village called Sunkadiya. Though the villages are changing and adopting a city culture now but still I can sense the aroma of village from little distance. When we entered in a verandah of a house, dog started barking. Lady with two kids came out, kids were hiding them behind their mother. Lady was in traditional dress. She had covered her head with a printed cloth and was wearing a traditional Dhoti. She was speaking in Regional Language, which I couldn’t understand but my host talked with her easily.  She stared at me, giggled and then said – come come !!!  He won’t bite !!!  Two kids were still hiding behind their mother…

Architect of the house was Kumauni but made by cement not by stone. Outside of the house, 2-3 cattle were chewing fodder. Field was covered with yellow mustard flower and in little distance; I saw a village temple also. We crossed the village and walked upward. Far from distance, a red colour's monastery attracted me. Red architect of monastery was looking gorgeous with Himalayan background. Though the Himalaya was not clear but still it had its own charm…

Slowly-slowly we were moving up and city left behind. 

My host shows me a closed Magniz factory and said - It was a bad luck for city that the factory got closed. He said with disappointment - The city people and city politics itself responsible for this. Workers cheated the factory owner badly, he became bankrupt, and he has to close the factory… Now only remnants of factory are there …

 Here I noticed some strange structures on the stone. On one stone I found crocodiles’ skin which was beautiful. 

We were moving up to our destination. Now scenario has changed and we entered in a dense Deodar jungle. Weather became cold here. My host told me - The point we are going is called HUPANI. Its local word and the meaning of this is Snow Water. This place coldest like snow and if we will be lucky we may see the bear also. I said – we will be happier if bear will let us all go. All started laughing. From here I saw Bhrigu peak also, Bhrigu was saint and used to sit here for meditation. 

Well we reached our point safely though I wanted to spend some time here but sun was going down and bear could hug us any time so we thought to cross the area in light.

When we turned the light was very soothing and everything was bathing in sun rays. I took some pictures of the city in this light. We met with some ladies also who were cutting trees. I did try to threat them but my host stopped me and we turned back. By the time we reached to car it was pitch dark. Without wasting any time we drove back to city. This time again, I went to market and saw the mall of Pithoragarh, which was not very big but good enough for city people. Market was about to close now and some guys were enjoying fire on road. I bought some local snacks, eat some betel-leaf, and back to hotel. Next morning I had to return to Nainital so I arranged a ticket shearing cab for me. My return journey was again very adventures so I want to share this also…

Cab driver reached sharp 4:30 at morning. I was ready so came out and entered in cab. Cab was already full. I said goodbye to Pithoragarh though Pithoragarh was still in deep sleep. It was only 10 minutes drive and lady sitting behind has started vomiting. She was making noise badly and all other was getting irritated. Everybody start giving their own advice to stop her vomiting. There were so many ideas coming but two funniest ideas, which made me laugh, were like this. Man sitting next to me said – you must sit on newspaper to stop vomiting. Before I could react on it second idea came from the man sitting behind and said – you must drink a glass of beer.

Hmmmmmmmmm I was feeling like burst out with laugh but somehow controlled myself and suddenly second problem arrived and driver said – Mam can you please open the window of your side. I looked at him with wonder and said – why ?  He said - AC is not working and moisture is collecting in front window.  I said – but it’s too cold, how can I open window ? He requested me so I opened it with little disappointment. After that, I was shivering through journey and voice coming from behind was making me more upset. Well,  I think this is the real fun of journey which I enjoyed…

On the way I saw a big group of sheep moving downwards. 2-3 people, who were in different dress, with this group. Driver told me - They are nomads and coming from Munshyari. They will spend whole winter in warm places and in March-April they will return to their places. Nomad word made me curious to know more about them. I asked detail about them. Driver said – They will sell wool, herbs, milk product etc. They always walk in-group of sheep, 2-3 ponies, 1 dog. They don’t use any vehicle and pitched their tent in jungle but don’t harm jungles.  Well it was a my good luck for the journey…

One more thing happened with me at Ghat. As Pithoragarh attach with Nepal boarder so some security persons wanted to check our luggage, specially mine. Well I had only one problem, which was cold. I came out and started shivering badly. Driver also came and said to security person – Mam is journalist, show him my tripod and said - she has a big camera also.  Well by the time I opened my bag and show him. He got satisfied and was sorry for the trouble. I said - its all right I have no problem but tell me why you only wanted to check my bag ?  His reply made me amused. He said – your bag was very good in quality. I was so surprised with this reply. Now the sun was rising and weather become warm so open window was not bothering me. At Danya we took paratha in breakfast again then headed to Almora. From Almora I made my way to my city Nainital…



  1. Ein großer Bericht der Reise, beim lesen spürt man die Begeisterung, und klar, wer würde dort nicht gerne mitgehen...

    Lieben Gruß

  2. Simply incredible set of photos and writing. The place seemed mysterious and full of history.

  3. Beautiful landscapes and great for trekking, photos are also superb.

  4. Loved the bit of security check where he wanted to check good quality bags only!! Must have been fun traveling!

  5. That was a beautiful series on your journey to Pithorgarh and back. Nice narration and photos.

  6. I guess I should be glad that my bags are not of a high quality. Perhaps security will not want to check them. You had quite an adventure in the cab on your way home, but I'm glad you made it safe and sound. The photos from your trek are beautiful.

  7. I like the time of twilight, it’s beautiful. Happening is inevitable to the fun travel. When I travel, I don’t take good-quality bag with me, just in case.

  8. Beautiful photographs. Especially love the colours of the first one.... Great writing as well...

  9. Beautiful images from your incredible journey.

  10. Solche schönen reiseberichte und Bilder dazu animieren wohl jeden dort einmal hinzugehen...


  11. Your photos are awesome as always. Besides that, you painted such a wonderful picture through your words, I could 'See' all that you wrote... Thanks for taking us to this beautiful journey :)

  12. Nice trip, great photos and a wonderful post!Thanks !

  13. Very interesting and informative post. I loved it. Incidentally are you not writing in Hindi these days.

  14. Every photo is breathtaking!
    I would love to visit India one day...

  15. Wonderful images, such views are enrapturing. I am greeting


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  17. Hey being born and brought up in pithoragarh some of the facts you have penned down seem wrong. anyways its a wonderful article Thanks for writing such
    a beautfiul piece of article for my hometown.

    wrong fatcs
    tha magneside factory was closed after pollution concerns in the chandak area where its located (the flying bees of that area vanished after the factory opened )
    following the trend several factories were closed here example Mehra terpine factory located in Rai etc.

    2 Police check your bags because a lot of drugs is siphoned from here to delhi which cames from nepal mainly Jhulagaht and dharchula area being in close proximity to Pith.

    pardon my garmmar lol i am not good at penning down stuff on paper.


    1. Thanks a lot Kamal for your kind comment... I only write down what I came to know but thanks a lot that you correct my mistakes... :)