Sunday, 19 April 2015

Winter Deo Tibba Peak (6001 meter) Expedition – Part 1

 This time I am thinking hit the Himachal Pradesh for trekking. My destination is Deo Tibba Peak 6001 meter altitude. Anyway I am again in bus stand and waiting to move Haridwar. From there I will move to Manali. As this is winter time so trekking in Manali is seriously going to be very tough. Though bus should leave around 8 pm but for some reasons bus is late.  Anyways I am killing time watching the passengers next to my bus. This is marriage bus which is here for short time. When the marriage guest saw Nainital Lake they become mad and one by one come out and as selfie become uncured disease so all start clicking pictures. It is dark yet so don’t know what results they get but clicks are on and on and on. Meanwhile a guy and an old man, wearing glittering clothes comes out. Their attitude showing they are playing big part in the marriage and all are pampering them like Very Important Person. Situation becomes chaotic. They have to stop here for little time but all are busy in taking selfie and eating food from road side shops.  But for me these are the enjoyable moments…

Anyways after half an hour delay bus start and so as my journey. Only few miles have pass and a passenger stop the bus and rushes to the driver. He said his daughter was playing with mobile and through it out from window. He went out to search but no result. He back and says with disappointment – I lost my expensive mobile. I don’t understand why he open window in AC bus and why he gave mobile to his daughter to play? Passengers shuffle in Haldwani. Everything is quite and temperature dropped. In a railway crossing gate bus stop for one hour. Five or six trains crossed back to back. Due to this bus stuck in big traffic jam. Far from this chaos Nineties music, when Alka Yagnik and Kumar Shanu was leading singers, were blowing in tape recorder. After long time back I am listing these songs which remind me my school days…

Bus reaches Haridwar early 5.30 A.M. It was winter time so still dark and cold. I decide to stay in a hotel for few hours and then move to Manali. A rickshaw guy took me into a hotel and I book room. Around 9 A.M. I went to Haridwar Ghat but before that I booked my ticket for Manali. I spend some time there in hustle-bustle. Back to hotel take rest for few hours finished lunch and around 3 P.M. I went to bus stand and acquired seat…

Hawkers are selling their products and proving as if their products are best for every problem. One is selling pain balm and the way he convincing passengers is great. Mostly passengers are buying his product. After him a Digestive powder seller take place. He again starts convincing and for my surprise passengers again convinced and buying his product. Other sellers are also engaging passengers…

Bus starts after little more live drama. Weather is pleasant and everything is in control but when it become night temperature suddenly drop and become chill. Other problem with the bus is that it is stopping in every small and big station. I went out in few stations but as it is chill so I decide not to go out. After Chandigrah when hill starts it become bone chill cold. Around 5 in the morning bus reach Kullu. Kullu is very famous hill station of Himachal Pradesh. I am shivering badly but still 2-3 hours journey left…

Around 7.30 I reach Manali. It’s still cold and shivering. I move straight to hotel and fold myself into quilt. When I get warm I went out. It’s sunny now so I off to see Manali market. Market is busy but fewer tourists are here as it is winter time. I take walk in Mall Road and sit on chair. 26-27 years old tall fair and slim Himachali guy is also sitting there reading newspaper and gazing me. He did it continuously and honestly speaking I also want to talk to him but want him to start. Anyways I sit there for half an hour then finish breakfast and back to hotel for rest. In the evening I again went out but it’s very cold so I finished dinner and back to hotel where my Trek Guide is waiting for me…



  1. How beautiful, the journey, the haircut and the stall that is fruit and vegetables, so many. Great photographs.

  2. Interesting start to the trek. Look forward to the trek stories.

  3. Thanks for the very interesting Part 1. Waiting for the next one. Just like the Indian movies - the trek guide who was waiting for you - is he the same guy who was gazing at you at the mall road? I will wait for your next post.

    1. Unfortunately that guy was not my trekking guide SG... :(

  4. Your stories are very interesting to read ! Nice start here :-)

  5. Interesting.... Nice photos and writeup


  6. Wonderful shots of the place. Like the variety here.

  7. Lovely photos and loved the narration... Did we miss a romantic situation ;)

  8. Oh in my home country, Malaysia. Indian people shave their hair and smash coconuts on Thaipusam.
    It's a public holiday in Malaysia.