Friday, 17 June 2016

Goa Experience - Part 4

In morning I took walk for Vagator Beach. I ask road to two local ladies but they were not able to speak Hindi or English so one lady hold my hand and took me to the Vagator Beach road and then moves to left direction which means I would have to take left turn. This was such a sweet and simple way to tell way to stranger. Sweet women. I will always remember them. When I reach to beach it was absolute quite…

Sea is different in morning light though its cloudy morning. I takes long walk and click pictures. People are jogging, walking, meditating, and doing exercises. Waves are come slowly touch my feet and get back. Sky is cloudy but morning light is making it lovely. After walk I set in a corner and watch waves coming and going. Slowly-slowly waves become fast and furious. Roar of wave has been increased. In Drizzling I saw waves for long time. I took breakfast and coffee in same restaurant and get back to room. By now rain has been slightly heavy...

Today I took another village road for Mapusa City through barley fields, beautiful houses and churches. On the way I went to see a huge church in Agasa village. Interior of the church is outstanding. I saw many ancient stuffs here. When it was 12 noon church bell rang and echo of sound break the silence. One graveyard also here where a guy is digging a fresh cemetery for someone. I saw few decorated cemeteries. I try to talk with the guy but he is also not talkative like me. He only said - I am digging grave for village person. I came out and met with little boy Gorge. He is a son of that graveyard digger. But he too only tells his name with smile and went off...

From here I took road to Mapusa and soon I reached there. Mapusa is big city but well maintained. As this is not a tourist destination so the place is not bustling with crowed. Bus stand is very big and from here we can take bus for other state too. From Mapusa I take NH 17 for Panjim, capitol of Goa. Road is comfortable and wide with less traffic. On way I drink coconut water. This highway is surrounded by the green trees, buildings, shops, Casino and Bars. When I reached Panjim, brightly decorated colored poles welcome me. After this beautiful and colorful Panjim starts. This place is still caring its culture and architect which makes it more beautiful. Apart from beauty place is neat and clean too. Here Sea is filled with huge cruise boats and cruise casino. They are huge like 3-4 story buildings and standing in array. I cross city passing through the green colored beautifully architected buildings and reach Miramaar beach. This beach is quite peaceful with only few tourists because most tourists go to cruise and boat ride. It’s not raining but humid. I spend little time here and back…

On the way back I entered into a local restaurant which managed by Lavina and Desuja. They are typical Goan. They tell me about Goan non veg food which is not my cup of tea. Both are metallic dark in color and sober and decent. Husband asks me - are you photographer? I said - yes then he requested – Please do not click my picture coz I am not well dressed…

I directly ask for fenny – Woman smiled and says – we have the best homemade fenny. You will enjoy and come here again and again. She serves me glass on fenny. And no doubt it was the best fenny. It starts striking slowly-slowly. I can feel every sip is controlling my brain and making me out of this world. Good fenny, good road ride. What else need to enjoy...

In the night I off to Vagator Beach again to enjoy last night of Goa. I sit in the same place where I sit in first day. A Nepali boy comes and serves me fenny. I take my glass and come out near sea which is roaring with huge waves. It’s cloudy but not raining. Only few tourists are there and safety guard taking watch on them. He also alerts me not to go near waves so I sit on stone. Fireflies are blinking and huge white waves are shining in dark silent night. I have lots of memories to keep and lots of to through away. It’s wonderful visit in Goa. Waves are gaining height in every minute and in no time waves become super high and roaring like monster. Echo of roar is only voice in the air. After dinner I back to room. Weather is becoming dreamy now though can’t say, weather becoming dreamy or fenny make it dreamy… 



  1. This is the second time you have mentioned fenny. During my next trip to india, I must visit Goa just for the fenny.

    1. You must visit Goa to enjoy fenny... :)

  2. Away from the regular beach circuit. Nice post, Vineeta.

  3. Beautiful, the sea and the buildings, love them.

  4. Very lovely scenes.All the pics are commendable.

  5. Beautiful - I always love to see beaches as I live so far from any.

  6. The white church is marvellous.

  7. Never been to Goa:(