Thursday, 23 June 2016

Goa Experience - Part 5

Morning I went to Anjuna Beach. Anjuna is a small village. This beach is different from the other beaches I have seen. Beach is surrounded by red stones which are the house of many sea animals like Crabs, Prawns and Snails. Crabs are very sensitive animal, if they feel little sensation they hide themselves between stone cracks. All stone cracks are filled with crabs and snails. None is here except some locals who are catching sea products. I think by the noon beach will become a happening place. Anyway it’s good to come here and feel the essence of this beach. I collected some very good shape’s stones here. They are naturally smooth and well polished...

I packed my bag pack and get ready to return journey but before that I went to Baga beach which is same like other beaches of Goa but road is quite panoramic. From here I took same root for Panjim and again I stopped at same restaurant for last fanny in Goa. Today again it was a good and striking. After this fanny break I off to Panjim.  Spending little time in Panjim I off to Old Goa. I didn’t find old Goa very special coz in whole Goa scenario is almost same but the church of Old Goa is historical and beautiful. I went in and the architect of the building is marvelous. Now it’s time to back to Madgaav railway station. I board in my compartment and soon I fell asleep…

I wake up when train reached Ghis railway station. This is busy railway station. Many passengers shifted from here. One family also takes place from here and in whole journey I couldn't see the face of lady but husband, working in Navy and going Agra to meet his parents, is quite talkative. He has his own views about politics and politicians. Scenario is beautiful but stained window glass is not letting me enjoy it. This is the bad part of journey.  Indian Railway should pay attention to these small things too. I come to the door to enjoy scenario. Now Goa is leaving behind and Karnataka boarder has start. Weather is pleasant. Train crossed a dense jungle, Sugarcane and wheat fields. In fields mostly Women are working. After finish dinner I off to bed...

Middle of the night new passengers comes into berth after some noise they slept and so as I. In morning I wake late and train is in Maharashtra. Still struggling with blur window glass so I come out and stand in door. Speedy warm winds splashing my face. Villages, towns, cities and jungles are coming and going. I take pommgraned seeds from hawker. Journey is boring and weather is quite hot. Lady is still in her own world. I still haven’t seen her talking or walking. Hoshangabad is exciting stoppage because of River Narmada and its hugeness. This river area of Houshangabad is very peaceful and beautiful. After spending long time here I back to my berth and finish food and juice then I off to sleep...

When I wake up in morning train has reached to Faridabad near Delhi. After Faridabaad train speed become deadly slow and meanwhile comes to know that all taxis are on strike today so now its big problem to reach bus stand coz no metro connectivity is available here. After almost 1 hrs train reaches station and when I came out touts start shouting. When I ask for AVBT they ask double money with excuse that it was strike today and we are taking risk. After so much of haggling one taxi agreed with nominal prices but he dropped me 1 km. before station but hopefully I get rickshaw to reach station...

 Due to strike no Hi-tech or Volvo buses are going to Nainital. Only one general bus is there to go to Haldwani so get seat in it. It’s sultry weather so open window is an emergency. When bus crossed Gaziyabad, road become hell and till Uttarakhand boarder, road was full of huge holes. Bus was shaking 90 degree left and 90 degree right. I seriously hope and wish that by the night, I would be in my home not anywhere else coz road is deadly. Credit goes to driver that he drove us safely to the station...

Getting vehicle from Haldwani to Nainital is again struggle. We were four passengers so we booked a taxi in 900 bucks but he also dropped us before 12 km from Nainital but luckily we get lift and reached Nainital anyhow...

With lots of experiences and surprises my journey ended and I am in my home…



  1. thats like a marathon experience i guess

  2. Wow what an adventurous journey!! Lovely pics!

  3. A lovely journey in Goa. Love them.

  4. I very much enjoyed your Goa Experience. Thanks for sharing it and your beautiful photos with us.

  5. A beautiful place, but it sounds like quite the adventure getting around!

  6. Hello Vineeta,
    Very wonderful pictures.
    So impressive the kind of buildings. Wonderful.

    Many greetings,

  7. Very well covered. This reminds me of my trip.

  8. I am glad you reached home safely.

  9. Schöner Bericht von der Reise.


  10. What a great post and your photos are beautiful. Thank you so much for sharing your tours!

  11. I envy you,Vinita for such pretty photographs.

  12. Still holidaying !? Have fun Vinita!

  13. Goa is always great, but it was your adventures to reach Nainital that made me thinking! Great post btw...