Monday, 4 June 2018

My Project : "My Wish My Desire" - 2

Like every time I am again busy with my nomadness. Suddenly I saw a guy who is lean in his painting. The way he is working  attracts me a lot. People are standing around him but he is deeply involved in his painting. I saw him and move ahead. Though, I moved but my mind is still thinking about him. I thought I must talk with him but my second thought told me not to disturb him. He is busy in making different pictures and writing different sentence in stylish writing…

I back without talking to him but he made me think about him a lot. My mind kept on thinking about him. Day after day, I kept on thinking again and again…

I keep on imagining him with his brush, paint and stuff around him. The way he was painting, making him a good painter but how unfortunate he is… Sitting on the road and writing – I love you…miss you…love u mamma-papa etc…for people…

One fine morning I decide to meet him and talk to him. He is still indulging in his work. His face is hiding below cap and his hands are working with perfection…

Your work is very fine – I direct ask him.

Thanks – he reply even without look at me.

You do it by yourself or you are trained – my next question.

I am trained fine art student but doing all these work to serve my family. My parents spend lots of money in my education and now its my turn to fulfill their dreams. When I find that, my art is not able to earn enough money to serve my family I decide to do this work so that I could earn some money to give my family…

My Wish and desire is to become a famous painter but how can anyone survive without money ?

Left me with this question he starts his work again and soon he gets busy with his brush… 


  1. Hello Vineeta,
    It's so impressiove to see this human can make this kind of art.
    Good shot.

    Greetings, Marco

  2. There are little worlds going on all around us. It's ironic, isn't it? He is a street painter who wants to be famous, and because of this photo his story is being read by a woman thousands of miles away, but he is still not famous. His life's work is noble nonetheless.

  3. Very dedicated painter. At the same time a good man who wants to take care of his family. Wish you had "clicked" a few or at least one of his paintings.

  4. I am just like you and would stop to look at those street artists who paint for a living. There are lots of them in whole China and they are so unbelievably creative to paint to almost perfection. I am also an artist and received formal training in US but embarked into advertising career instead for better income & survival.

    You can view some student work I did over 20 years ago. Heh heh...

  5. poor guy! This fine arts course is a professional course,].It claims a good expenditure by the time one reaches his 4th year of the course.Many have become famous artists. Your click shows how immersed he is in his work.Nice.

  6. Once I had written comments,not seen.Now also I have written, it has gone to you or not I do;t know. Nice click and hearty to know about his whereabouts,vineeta.

  7. He has a kind heart and loyal to his parents. Hope he’ll be able to earn decent, if not enough, money with his paintings for the time being and in future he’ll make it to a famous painter.

  8. best about you is that you really truly make me feel as i am with you there
    either my (like countless others) dreams remained only dreams but appy and satisfied with what God has blessed me