Wednesday, 20 June 2018

My Project : "My Wish My Desire" - 3

In Sunday evening  I strolling on road. It’s cloudy and cold waves making it chillier. I am walking alone with my camera and looking here and there for pictures.

 Suddenly a voice came from behind – Chhalni Garam… Chhalani (Hot corn)

I turned and saw a small kid selling corns. He shows me some corns and said - please take one. Its only 10 Rupees and these are very sweet and soft. Please take one

I look into his eyes, which are very innocent.  I hallucinated by his eyes. I didn’t take corn but I feel like talking with him...

You always sell  corn ? -  I start chatting with him
No! Not whole day, I only come after school – He reply me and burning fire for corns…

And on Sunday ?  - I asked
No! Not Sunday, but today my mother is not at home, so I come – he said looking at the pile of corns…

You like doing this work ? – It was again me...
Yes, I like – he smiled

I have so many questions for him, so I again asked - Why ?
He said –I like crowd, I like looking different sort of people.

I asked - How much would you earn in a day?
He seems satisfied to tell me that he earn 100-200 Rupees in a day…

You like studies ? – I asked
Yes, I like and I am in class 7th now – He proudly reply.

You like playing ? – I asked
He said with little shy - I like playing cricket.

You like travelling ? - I become more curious
Yes, I like – he said thinking.

Where you went earlier? – I inquired
He said, and heat up his hand with fire  – One day I went to Haldwani, a big city with my father.

You like your place ? – I asked
I like but it is not big city – he said with little disappointment.

What your wish and desire to be in your life? – I again asked

He opened his eyes wide and said – I want to be a soldier. Then he again started his work…


  1. Hello Vineeta,
    Nice report about this guy.

    Greetings, Marco

  2. Poor kid, I hope he can be alright, though I doubt it. Great photo.

  3. Nice conversation. Kid has laudable goal. Question. Did you buy the corn? If so, how many?

  4. It's a very interesting conversation.

  5. Brave ambition the boy has! Hope he succeeds in getting his wish fulfilled!

  6. I wonder “why” he wants to be a soldier. Is it simple boys' ambition? Or, privilege comes with being a soldier? In my country, there are some who want to work at Self Defense Force. They want to contribute to the peace of the country or to be helpful and dependable at the disaster relief mission in time of earthquake and so on.


  7. I feel bad. Now I want to buy his corn.

  8. Sehr interessant das Gespräch mit dem Jungen Soldat wollen viele Jungen werden.


  9. Very nice post. I never know what to do in situations like this.

    Cheers - Stewart M - Melbourne

  10. Poor boy,he may be thinking to earn some regular income for his family and himself and also to serve the nation.Nice post.It is interesting to read the conversation.

  11. Wonderful conversation.
    Though I seriously wanted to know what was his motive behind becoming a soldier. I bet it would be a very contextual answer and minimal.

  12. touching story dear Vineeta!
    Happy Independence day my friend :)


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