Wednesday 11 April 2018

My Project "My Wish My Desire"

Dear Friends,
I am starting a project called "My Wish My Desire". In this project I will publish a picture of the people with their wish and desires...
This is first picture of the project....
A Curious Young Monk of Sikkim - 1

I was strolling in the monastery of Sikkim. Suddenly I saw a young monk staring me. Actually he was curious about my camera and wants me to click his picture...
This young monk is taking education in this monastery. His Wish and Desire is to offer his whole life to the monastery and work for Humanity and Buddhism after education...
He had family in his village house but now as he become monk so he don't want to talk about them anymore. He has been come out from all the emotional bounding and concentrating on his education only...

Tuesday 3 April 2018

Meghalaya : A Beautiful State of North-East

I just return home from my journey of Meghalaya.  Meghalaya is a North-East part of India know as ‘Abode of Clouds’ also...

I spend almost a week in the place and explore so much about Meghalaya...

Khasi is a tribe of Meghalaya and Khasi women are very friendly but don't like anybody click there pictures. These women I met in Mawshbuit village. They refused for picture but start laughing when I clicked there pictures...

Police Market in the night

Traditional attire of Khasi Tribe

Elephant Fall : Though the water is very less because there is no rain from 3 months

Khasi women are self depend and business women. 
They work outside and take care of the family too

Cherapunji without rain

Kidos Having fun with my camera

Nohkalikai Fall but looks very weak without water

Living root bridge : Local people use these bridges in monsoon when rivers flows with water. Bridges are made by the local people for their use but now these bridges are main attraction for outside people

Village Mawlynnong

                                                        Church of Village Mawlynnong

River Umgot, the clearest river of India. It flows between
India and Bangladesh

Sunset in Umgot River