Thursday, 26 November 2015

Pictures of Tapovan Trek (4330mt.)

I back from my Tapovan trek few days back. Tapovan is dream location for those who love adventure. Gangorti-Gaumukh-Tapovan trek along the holy river Bhagirathi takes you to the source of the river Ganga known as Gaumukh (Cow's snout). This trek is combination of adventure, mountain climbing, rock climbing and glacier traverse. The trek goes through an coniferous pine trees at Chirbasa and birch at Bhojbasa. From Bhojbasa one has to trek to Gaumukh and from Gaumukh to Tapovan traverses along the Gangotri glacier. After crossing the Gangotri glacier and traversing on a rocky face I reached to the meadows of Tapovan (meditating ground). From Tapovan views of Shivling, Bhagirathi, Meru Parvat, Kedar dome are fabulous. Herds of Bharal (Blue mountain goats) are a common sight here on mountain ridges…
 Here I am posting few pictures of my trek. Soon will write complete trek log…


1,2,3 peaks of Bhagirathi 

 Bharal (Blue Mountain goat) at Tapovan

River Akash Ganga at Tapovan 

 Peak Shivling

 Meru Parvat

Peak Bhagirathi