Tuesday, 26 June 2012

When I Was In Pithoragarh – Part 2

My host, who had arranged everything for me, had sent me a cab and I went off to Chandak Site. my plan was to go for Pashupatinath temple, coz from there I could get a magnificent view of Himalaya though it was it was dusky. Pithoragarh is an altitude of 4,567 ft from sea level and it’s like cup shape so weather stays almost pleasant here. This valley known as Soar Valley. Road for Chandak was very peaceful and beautiful. When I moved up city was looking pretty good from upward. 

Well temple had been closed by the time I reached there but the view of valley was superlative. Whole valley was looking gorgeous in dusky light. When I saw Himalaya, I got stunned for a while. Peak of Nanda Devi was bathing with sun rays and was giving awesome look.  After a while I keep my camera out and start taking pictures as much as I can in this short time.

Few minutes later everything plunged into dark and I decided to back. From here we went to a tea shop for a tea and also meet to shop keeper.  Some time earlier a cave came in existence which was in his field and my main purpose was to see that cave. When I reached his shop, he was bit buzy with his customers. When he got free he came to me with spoon full of honey. When I ate, I found it was like rubber and taste was absolutely different.
 I asked him – are you sure it is honey.
He said – yes its pure honey with wax, we don’t remove wax from it. Well no doubt it was very tasty and I experienced it first time.

I asked him about cave so he said – it is dark now so tomorrow afternoon I will take you there. He said, now if possible I can spend some time at Eco park.  I asked – What is this Eco park ?  He said – Park made for Eco tourism but it has no future coz nobody is here to take proper care of it. On my way back, I saw Eco park and went inside. I saw whole city flickering with the lights.

I took some pictures and then sit to watch stars, one of my favorite work. I stared at the sky, which was illuminating with millions and millions stars. I deeply engrossed by the moment. Everything was utterly still at that night. Though it was cold but I don’t wanted to miss this chance so kept on staring. Eventually driver came to me and said – Madam it's getting dark, we must go back now. Though I needed to stay there but unwillingly, I had to back. By the time I reached into city, it was late and whole market had closed. I back to hotel and order for dinner… Next morning my plan was to go to Bhatkot for a walk coz Bhatkot is also a good place to see Himalaya in Morning time.  After finishing dinner, I confined myself into bad…

I Woke up 5 O’clock next morning and got ready for a walk. When I came out, it was dawn and streets are almost empty.  Only few people were on the road. Weather was cold but not chilled. I moved to Gandhi Chauraha and took market road. This road was tiny and whole market was in a grip of silence. After crossing market, I reached at Siltham Churaha. Here I asked for Bhatkot. When I entered in the road of Bhatkot, I felt very tranquil. Many people were walking on this road so I was not feeling lonely… 

I found that Pithoragarh has become completely a modern city now. There was no sign of any old and traditional construction. All were new which atleast I don’t like. I met with a girl, who was going for tuition, she gave me a smiling look so I talked with her and asked -  How far Bhatkot is ? She said - After a short walk, I would be at Bhatkot. Well I just wanted to know that I am on right path… 

When I reached Bhatkot, I saw Himalaya but my bad luck that I couldn’t get sun rise. But still scenario was stunning and whole valley was bathing with morning light. I indulged with camera just then I heard a man shouting at a boy. When I enquired about it he said – this boy is taking liquor here and always bunks his school. When I scold him, he shouted at me and said – I will see you… Man was irritating badly and went off from there. After this hot-hot talks, atmosphere again became calm and I again got indulged with camera…

Now sun was bright so I decided to back. I felt that this area was posh area of city. I saw all high-class officers' houses here and place was neat and clean instead of other part of city. I really enjoyed walk. When I back to market, it was chaotic.  People were buzy in their work and whole place was bustling with lots activities. In this hustle-bustle I got confused and took other road.  Though I reached at hotel but this time, I couldn’t see Gandhi Churaha…



  1. Beautiful shots. Nice narration.


  2. Lovely captures of beautiful nature!
    You surely had a great time!

  3. The pictures of the Himalaya are marvelous, I love them.

  4. beautifully narrated with good photos...

    thanks for sharing and visiting my blog

  5. This is a incredible trip with wonderful captures.

  6. Wieder ein wunderbarer Bericht der einfach nur begeister!

    Lieben Gruß

  7. Beautiful photos, I especially love the ones of the Himalya.
    Thanks for sharing.
    Wish you a wonderful day.

  8. Thank you for taking us along with you as you explored Pithoragarh. I like the picture you got of the city at night from Eco Park, but your photos of the mountains are spectacular. I especially like the picture of the peaks bathed in the light of the setting sun.

  9. enjoyed going thro' your travelogues...great blogging.

  10. Enjoyed your great blog ! That picture of Himalaya bathing in sunlight is magic !

  11. Looks like awe-inspiriting tour seen from the fabulous shots. I’m especially stunned by the peak of Nanda Devi glowing red bathed in the setting sun.


  12. Stopping by to wish you a wonderful week.

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