Wednesday, 5 December 2012

Almora This Time For Muharram

This time I again got chance to go to Almora. Reason was Muharram, The 10th day of Muharram is known as Ashura all over the world. Muslims highly respect the significance of this day and commemorate the death of Imam Hussain in Battle of Karbala by the army of the tyrant Yazid.  My friend told me – On this occasion, Taziyas, an effigy of Imam Hussain’s mausoleum, made in Almora, are very special, decorative and beautiful. 

I reached Almora by 12 noon. After some rest, I moved to market.  Almora is a historical place and very rich for its wooden architect work, which I always love to see. When I was strolling in the city, I saw so many houses with wooden architect. Some of them are still intact and maintained but many of them are now going to destroy.
I was strolling and taking pictures.  I noticed many people were indulging in playing cards, which is very favorite time-pass here.  There was not very much hustle-bustle in market because of Sunday. 

I came across with first Taziya. Taziya artist were giving it final touch. When I saw it I got excited to see them in night because I came to know that they illuminated when it becomes dark. After this I saw 3 more Taziya all were about to ready for the evening parade. 

Here not only Muslims but Hindus Also participates in this procession.  Even many Hindu take parts in making of Taziya also. Taziya made from paper and wood and can be different in shape and size but every Taziya should have a Tomb, Which I came to know from school going girl Shaheen.

Each Taziya takes atleast one month to get complete and each Taziya cost almost 25 thousand rupees.  By the 5.30 it became chaotic and every Taziya were collecting in one place. Taziyas were illuminating in night, which were looking very beautiful. 

Wooden Architect  

Destroying Now

Time Pass with Cards

Final Touch to Taziya

Evening Parade

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  1. Your photographs are absolutely beautiful. You captured wonderful color and detail in your night pictures. The wooden architecture is very interesting, but it's a shame so many of the buildings are in disrepair.

  2. Brilliant photography Vineeta, just brilliant.

  3. Hi Vineeta!

    Went through your blog and I must say great Photography.

  4. Time seems to be passing slowly at this place. The colors of Taziya and the antiquity of the wooden architecture are contrasting. Sorry to hear some of decayed wooden architecture are neglected, hope they be protected.


  5. Excellent captures. The parade is very interesting.

  6. thank you for this adventure very much.

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  10. Wonderfully festive atmosphere. The craftsmanship in wood is very nice.

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