Monday, 25 May 2015

Kedarnath Door Opening Ceremony 2015 – Part 1

 I was sure that once I would go to Kedarnath Temple for its Door Opening Ceremony as in winter temple close for six months and open in summer for another six months. Opening and closing the door of temple has a big ceremony.  This time opening ceremony is on 24th April 2015…

To add new experiences I am going via long root so I start early morning of 20th. It’s raining since night and I went to bus stand in drizzle and storm. I went to Bhowali and now I will get bus for Chamoli, which is almost 12-13 hours journey. I was thinking I would get bus easily but after long wait I get jam packed bus. My luxury seat sit is on passenger’s suitcase. Bus move little forward when driver stop and says– I cannot drive coz bus has been air lock. Driver and mechanic did best effort but result is zero. Conductor said – take other bus. I tell him – you should arrange bus for us? He has no reply and I have no time so I took bag pack and move off. After half-n-hour, I get bus till Dwarahaat. Now this journey is going to be adventures. In packed bus, I get luxury seat near engine, which is burning like fireplace... 

Women sitting in front seats are going Ranikhet to attend marriage. One of them is showing her gold jewelry and gaudy Sari to her friends and says – my husband bought for marriage. Until Ranikhet she talk nonstop. In Ranikhet When they off I had two reasons to get happy. First, I got seat second, I get rid of their talks. This is I called luxury. Due to road construction work, bus trapped in traffic for 2 hours in places where no beautiful scenario no greenery. Fume of charcoal, hovering dust and scorching temperature making this place more tiresome.  Men are out and women engage in nonstop chattering. I reach Dwarahaat next 2 hours. Dwarahaat is a small but historical place, which is famous for numerous natural water recourses which locally known as Naula. I saw some beautifully designed Naula and temples from bus. However, many of them have been destroyed now told me by shopkeeper whom I ask bus for Chamoli…

 After 20 minutes, I get bus. No doubt big relief for me. Atleast now I will reach my destination. Scenario has changed dramatically.  All become green with balance temperature. I can see huge paddy fields but mostly paddy crops have been destroy by untimely heavy rain. I am indulging in it but suddenly driver announces that he will go to Gairsain not Chamoli. I ask him with shock – why not you are going Chamoli when all passengers have to go to Chamoli ? Four other passengers also accompany me but driver is irritating character. He is not listening any of us. No idea what will come next? This journey is full of shocks and surprises. I again indulge in ribbon like River Ramganga and vast valley. Road is going between this vast valley. I can see women cutting crops, Children catching fish, Men working in shops.  In one stoppage newly married couple came into bus. Seems groom is going to bride’s house first time. He stops bus in shop and when he back his hands were full with sweet boxes and bride’s face delighting. Both are chatting loudly in their regional dialect…

It is dark, cold and vast valley has vanished. Through a narrow road, I reach Gairsain. Driver drop us and went off. This is disgusting. I am alone in this unknown place. Same time an old couple come with their son and asks if I am I going to Chamoli? I shake my head in yes. Old man advised for taxi. I agreed but taxi guy ask for double charges.  I decide to stay here so inquire for hotel in station shop. Who told me I could get hotel in market. I entered into market and went into first hotel I saw. Room is absolutely nonsense but I don’t want to go anywhere else so I hire room without any argument and went for dinner. I am tired I am hungry I am sleepy and badly exhausted by this adventures journey. After finish decent dinner, I back to room through the road, which is full with dirt and garbage. I lie down. Middle in the night I heard bike horn seems young guys doing bike stunts on road which goes till half n hour…

 Morning 4.30. I came out.  Except street dogs, all are in lap of deep silence. Around 5 I came to road. Few morning walkers appeared on road and sound of vehicle break the silence. Now I will straight go to Rudraprayg. From station I take a look to the town. After 15 minutes, I get bus and good seat both. I hope today my journey would be more comfortable and less shocking. Gairsian is beautiful and People should take market clean. Anyways it is cold and green is all over…



  1. Oh no, a bad start to bus ride. But what a journey, great series of things to dream of Vineeta.

  2. Interesting.... waiting for the next part.

  3. खिड़की से बहरे और अंदर दोनों ही ओर आपके औब्जर्वेसन की क्षमता कमाल की है। अच्छा यात्रा विवरण...

  4. Interessanter Bericht von der Reise mit vielen hindernissen.


  5. Interesting travel experience in such a scenic part of the world.

  6. Not a good start. Hope the rest of the journey was smooth. Waiting to read your next post.

  7. The orange sunset skies and the vast terraced paddies are so beautiful. Hope good harvest to the locals.


  8. The paddy fields are so spectacular!