Monday, 7 November 2016

Beautiful day Trek in Nainital

As I set on old wooden bench, pair of eyes stairs me from inside the house. I think he is astonished to see me alone in this wilderness. He is still engaged scrutinizing me but I am badly drained that just want to rest for a while so fixed my eyes to see the pristine beauty of Himalaya...
 I have been walk almost 14-15 kilometers in 4 hours and now reached here. Though in morning I came for morning walk but instead of walk I went for a small trek to Cheena Peak, near to Nainital, coz warm winter morning was bright beautiful and cozy... 
After an hour walking I find myself in a snow View amid of blue painted tea shops, red plastic chairs exciting outside. Where I was the only patron. Huge Himalaya range could be seen from here but didn’t want to see so took a sip of tea and asked to shopkeeper about crowd. He said -no one come in winters but in summer this is a busiest place...
Winter sun is making walk enjoyable so I continued walk to other side of road and saw beautiful lake dazzling with morning sun light. After crossing motor road I turn to the walkway upward. Road covered with jungle both side and mild sun rays reaching through the dense forest. Few women, bare foot, carrying wood and dry grass bundle on head…
While I walked up vast range of Himalaya starts follow me and made trek exotic.  I walked long way along with the Himalaya and reached here where I am sitting now...
Man comes out for quarry- who are you ? Why you come here? I move my eyes from Himalaya and settle on him. He is wearing mustard color sweater and grey pant. No idea about his age. Could be 30...40...50 any. I come for trek - I replied. He seems confused and said - now no one come here for trek. You are the only person whom I am seeing here after so long. He sits in front of me and says - when I saw you first I thought you are a forest officer and come here to inspection...
Then I came to know it’s a forest log hut and the man is worker of forest department. After this conversation I went to see the other side where a small Cheena Baba temple is popping out amid of forest. When I back man shows me British time iron map attached on stone pillar. This map shows the name of Himalaya range. Man says point out to the bench I was sitting - this is too an oldest British time bench but still in a good condition…
He tells me - I works alone nobody comes here. In long holidays I went to my village otherwise I stay here only. He continues - after so long I am talking with someone. I can feel the happiness in his voice and shine in his eyes...
He ask me for tea and went inside I follows him too. Sooty pan were on the earthen hearth and water is boiling in it. He offers me tea which is treat for me…
It’s time to turn but guard tells me another way to get back. When I follow this route I saw a different angle of Naini Lake and Nainital city. I spend some time sit alone and feel like a bird coz city and lake is below me. View is spectacular weather is amazing...
Walk through the jungle and small village I back to city from deep silent to honking noise...


  1. How happy you were immersed in such serene beauty! The layers of the blue mountains is breathtaking. I understand winter sun was comfortable for walking and how the cup of tea by the man warmed your heart.


  2. Beautiful Himalaya range, well caught Vineeta.

  3. The mountain range is simply breathtaking!

  4. Such abundant natural beauty.

  5. Serene beauty. Lovely pictures. I envy you. 15 kilometers in 4 hours one way and then going back the same distance. When I die I want to be in bed. HaHaHa.

  6. Beautiful. I would love to do this trek.

  7. Such lovely vistas. Nice captures, Vineeta.

  8. I have always liked Nainital more than any other famous hill station in India.

  9. Did you also visit the lake?

  10. Brilliant captures and a wonderful trek indeed!

  11. Hello Vineeta,
    This is amazing. What a wonderful pictures of these rocks.
    Great this view. That must be fantastic to see in real.

    Kind regards,

  12. Wonderful pictures, would definitely love to take this route some time in future.

  13. Looks like a remarkable place.

    Cheers - Stewart M - Melbourne

  14. Awesome place and amazing photographs...

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