Thursday 11 January 2018

Experience of My Delhi – Kolkata – Darjling – Sikkim – Delhi Journey – Part 4

I reach station before time. Waiting rooms are bulking with passengers so I stroll at station. Every pinch of this huge station is pack with passengers. Sultry weather is making me sweat. Luckily train is on time and I find my coach easily and acquire seat. One family is already there busy in gossiping in Bengali…

In a while, one more passenger enters into coach. Family is still busy in talking loudly and moving from here and there without caring others. Evening light is shadowing everything outside the window. Suddenly very low voice comes to me. I turn my eyes inside. Man is interacting me – where are you going ? I turn to him and reply – Darjling. How will you go from Jalpaiguri ? – he asked next question. No idea – My sudden reply. He advised – you may take share taxi. Taxi stand is just outside the Railway station. You will easily get share taxi in the morning. Useful advice. I ask about him. He says – I am army person and going Jalpaiguri for official work. I am actually from Maharashtra but posted in Kolkata…

In family, I noticed an old lady staring me continuously. She been staring me since I entered in coach. I don’t know why ? One more lady in the family is chubby short height middle aged woman. She is sitting on upper birth like a queen surrounded with food items. In every second, she picks something starts eating and distributing. She is talking continuously laughing loudly. One boy in the family around 17-18 years has start singing in every five minutes. He hums few words then stops again he starts humming and stops. Whole family seems hilarious. Old lady is still gazing me…

Its dark outside. Train is far away from Kolkata. Area seems like village area. Huge crops fields along with small huts are visible. Suddenly heavy rain starts and all become blur. Family is still busy in themselves. Lady is busy in eating and distributing. Boy busy in humming and old lady is still staring me which is really awkward now but as she is too old so I haven’t say anything to her. Army person is napping…

After dinner, I lie down.  After a tiring day, I soon fall asleep. Middle of the night old lady has start speaking. In the silence, her voice echoes. I scared and wake up. I saw everywhere but all are snoring. I stand up and notice that she is talking in sleep. Oh, this old lady is really scaring me now. I watch outside. All I can see is huge fields, rivers and jungle. Its bit cold too but I spend whole night gazing out…

I am relieved when it dawn. Huge green fields, rivers, water ponds, small hut are still in scenario. Few towns are also taking place but for a while only. Again heavy rain starts and become cold. Family get off at one junction but around 13-14 ladies get inside. All are wearing bright traditional dresses and imitating jewelries are enhancing their beauty. Their nose peers from both sides, which is making them more attractive. Small girls are also in the group wearing vibrant frock printed with small flowers on them. Girls are busy in playing and ladies are busy in chatting. Seems they are coming from some party or festival. They actually filled coach with the vibrant energy. Well after a while train reach Jalpaiguri and for my relief rain has stopped…

Coming out from train, I sweep between the ocean of human. Jalpaiguri Railway Station is huge and busy station. When I headed outside, I saw a poster asking Donation for Kedarnath Tragedy. I am sad about tragedy but glad to know that last corner of the country is worried about it. After walking long I reach taxi stand where touts are shouting everywhere. Some touts are going Nepal too coz Nepal is attached with Darjling. There is small market along with the taxi stand. Whole market is dump in muck and rainwater is logging everywhere. I found a restaurant and went inside… 

A young guy comes to take order. Thin tall long hair guy gave me menu card and ask for order. Though he is speaking Hindi to me but he is speaking in Nepali with others too. I find all North Indian dishes here too. After finishing food, I come out where I get a share taxi for Darjling. Taxi has already occupied by a family, few young boys and some others too. Only one seat left which I occupied. After a while driver start taxi and soon we reach Siliguri. Siliguri seems a big city and a green and clean too. Driver tunes a Nepali songs and journey become more enjoyable with melodious Nepali songs. Driver is a young guy but very short tampered and aggressive. He is shouting on everyone and getting aggressive in every little thing.

Anyway young boys sitting in cab are musician and football players. They play guitar and sing Nepali songs. All belong to Darjiling and coming from Jalpaiguri where they had football tournament and they are in winning team so all are celebrating success with music. They tell me with big smile that real celebration would be in night and all laugh together…

By the time, Siliguri left behind. Now hill area has started. Roads are turning and twisting. Fog takes place. All are green. Mostly are due to tea garden. Huge tea gardens are both sides of roads making scenario beautiful. Suddenly driver plays Hindi songs and his lips and head is moving with the lyrics. It’s a romantic song so I think driver relate with the song deeply and emotionally...

He stops taxi for breakfast. I don’t know where but its green, fogy and rainy. After this point tough hill area starts and roads become more and more hilly. It was almost fogy and rainy. I couldn’t see anything outside. From one point I see the toy train trek but no toy train is running on it. Soon cab reaches Darjling. Here its raining and I can see the people working in rain. Darjling is just like a one more hill station so I am not feeling stranger here. Only people and language has change but you can easily communicate with people in Hindi or English. Its raining heavily here. Crossing these small towns, we reach to Darjiling. I can feel the change here too. People are more technology savvy and all old and traditional construction is changing with new construction. Driver drop me at taxi stand. From taxi stand I take help people to reach hotel and crossed some streets I reach to hotel…



  1. Hello Vineeta,
    Impressive shots. Nice to see how people live there.

    Greetings, Marco

  2. Hi Vineeta, raining there, love with mountains.

  3. Nice experiences. Train journeys are always interesting.

  4. I would like to visit Kolkata one day.

  5. This portion of your journey was very interesting. I enjoyed your descriptions of the family on the train with you. I'm glad you made it to your destination safely.

  6. Am enjoying the journey through your posts! Thank you.

  7. Your travels are so full of interesting adventures. I just drive to work every day!

  8. Thanks for sharing these beautiful photos. One of the best travelogues.

  9. Attractive photos.Narration takes us to that area.

  10. Wonderful - cant believe its been almost a year since I was in India.

    Cheers - Stewart M - Melbourne

  11. What a beautiful and fun trip to such enchanting place dear Vineeta!

    You have excellent way to portray your journey. I almost felt the crowded station, the staring old lady army person singing boy eating and distributidistributing woman and the jewellery ladies.

    The angry driver but wow the fascinating hills of tea gardens.

  12. It’s lovely how you describe the seemingly inane happenings around you in the train...

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