Wednesday, 5 August 2015

Ganesh Chaturthi Festival in Pune : Part 2

 Now it’s time to explore the city so I sit on bike with Prayag. Exploring city through bike is good idea. Pune is metropolitan city with huge highways, buildings, malls, shopping complexes, multiplexes extra-extra and watching city on bike is good idea indeed…

Pune is a city from where Lokmanya Bal Ganagdhar Tilak initiated this festival called Sarvjanik Ganesh Utsav to bring all together. City is in full mood of festival. Everywhere I can see people carrying Ganesh idol to their house or in societies. Some idols are huge in size and groups are carrying it with big procession with music. Some groups are carrying procession with the beat of drums. In some groups school students are playing drums and in some group, elders are playing drums. This is very fascinating to me. In one group, Ganesha was carrying by attractive long decorative chariot. Though I could not see the Ganesha but person, wearing sunglass, Pagadi and Kurta Payjama, sitting on it was quite handsome…

We crossed army area, which maintained like all other Army areas. No crowd and traffic jam here. In this area, I can see old architect houses. Pune has not its own culture. It’s basically a technical city which is made by migrated people who come here from all part of India. Ganapati fever is all over in Pune and everywhere I can see people carrying Ganapati according their status. After crossing this area we reached Laxmi nagar road which is famous for huge and decorative Ganapati Pandal...

 Laxmi nagar is jam-packed. We hardly get space to par bike. Here I saw an old building with colourful glasses and attractive architect. After parking, we went to see Dagru Seth Ka Ganpati Pandal which is famous for its temple theme and monument. Without any doubt I can say expense behind this would be in corers. I can see Ganapati far from the temple. Making of this pandal is scientific so that one could see Ganapati far from temple. Pendol is pack with devotees and devotees are busy in taking pictures or selfy. Atmosphere is echoing with the Vadic hymns, chant of Ganapati Bappa Morya and other devotional songs…

 This is vegetable market also so I can see many shops selling vegetables though these days’ flowers and other worship paraphernalia are also in big demand. Today is first day of Ganapti so the shops are bustling with customers…

Then we went to see Navsacha Ganapti. This is another big Ganapti of Pune. This pandal is again a huge and decorative. I get inside to look Ganapti from near which is big in size and decorated with expensive jewelry. Outside pandal there is a big pot standing on water and everybody was throwing coin inside as it brings good luck. I also tried and coin was inside pot but don’t know it bring me luck or not…

Crossing mob we reached another road where massive Ganapati procession was going with big drums and music. Young girls, boys and children, dressed in white, are playing drums and other music instruments. They are doing this in rhythm and all are enjoying it. I can see the happiness on their faces. Being part of this celebration is life time experience for me…

 Drizzle has been start by now so we back to parking area. Soon drizzle become torrential rain but all are enjoying Ganapati. Nobody is bother of rain. We also enjoy bike ride. Road was clear due to rain but it become bit cold too. I parcel dinner for me and Prayag dropped me into room and leave to his office…



  1. You have beautifully touched all the pros and cones of the festival and the city,Vineeta..Very nice.

  2. Wonderful shots.
    I am eagerly waiting for this years celebrations.

  3. Excellent description and complementing beautiful photographs. Felt like I was there in Pune myself with you and your friends.

  4. Wonderful post and your photos are beautiful!

  5. Excellent photographs. I love Ganesh.

  6. Looks like a great celebration.

  7. Lovely experience. Nice frames to go with it.

  8. Thank you for taking us with you on your tour. I very much enjoyed it -- your photos are wonderful.

  9. What an amazing festival. That child does look so happy!

  10. Hello Vineeta,
    Nice shots of that parade. Great!!
    And nice to see that market and how the women made wonderful bouquets of flowers.

    Many greetings,

  11. So much colour and movement - what a great place to take photographs.

    Cheers - Stewart M - Melbourne

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