Tuesday, 25 August 2015

Ganesh Chaturthi Festival in Pune : Part 4

 I wake up with bells and devotional music and think to go to see the street of Pune. I follow the road, which is going to street markets. This is completely different from metropolitan Pune. Here there are no big highways, no big hotels, no big malls or anything. This is simple city, which belongs to every part of India. I can see busy vegetable market. I can see truck unloading grocery between them I can see Ganapati Pandals too. I crossed many narrow streets adjoin each other and reach to highway…

 I back and get ready for Lonawala, which is 48 km. We reach cantonment area Kahdki. I find this place green and clean. A beautiful church is also here but it’s closed. Crossing river we reached to Lonawala side. Now I can see hills here and drive become smooth and cozy but tall tax is very high. It’s raining when we touch Lonawala. Here I went to see wax museum where all great people exist in the shape of wax statues. These are so original seems that every statue will start talking in a while. Time has been stopped here which I like a lot. I am happier to see others who are happy to click there pictures with these big names. However, for moments only but they can enjoy to be with these big names. It’s heavy rain but we move forward on Mumbai Pune Express Highway. We use local GPRS to reach beach and dam area. Between heavy rain and fog I can see huge waterfalls coming down from the top of mountains. I came out to enjoy and take a walk. This is an interesting and enjoyable walk. Wind is fast but not chilled. Deep fog is making it more adventures and mysterious…

We reach to waterfall where tourists are enjoying the way they can like bathing, laying on water, swimming in possible patches or whatever they can do. This is one of the happiest moments for me. Corn shops are engaged and in rain, demand has been increased. Other part of waterfall there is a dam, which is engulfing of deep fog. I start walk on small creek meanwhile a guy slipped in water badly but luckily he is safe and smiling...

After these exquisite moments, we back to road and again with the help of local GPRS we reach to city. Lonawala is small and beautiful hill station of Maharashtra. Though now shops have been developed but other than this it’s still a village area. Now it’s becoming famous hill station, where every rich people of Maharashtra want to buy a land to make house. In weekend, it’s become more demanding. After taking coffee we back to city in rain and fog…

In morning, I follow the same routine and off to market where all are busy in struggle of their life. I take long walk between one street to another and back. Today I will go to Sirdi which is 200 km from. Sirdi Road is busy highway along with small and big cities and villages, which, makes you engage with the hustle bustle. Ahmadnagar is one big city on the road, where we stuck in heavy traffic jam. This city is polluted and absolute mismanaged. Sultry weather making it more woeful…

Though, highways is good but some parts are badly damaged where big holes are appearing on the road. I found this is truck road coz mostly trucks are running on the road which are from all over India. I saw all states trucks here and many dogs have been died on the road, which is sad part of driving. Soon we reached Sirdi…

Though the temple is busy temple but today for some reason no crowed is here. We cross market, which is same like other part of India, to reach temple. It’s an irony that I am going into temple after raising a big but stupid question by Swaroopanad that ‘Sai is not god’. Anyways when I reach inside, I found peaceful atmosphere, which I enjoyed and I am happy to be here…

We turn by another road but after few km drive we came to know that the road is under construction. After 7-8 kms tiring drive, we get one connecting road to Ahamdnagar and we back to highway again. It’s getting dark now and sun is going down between clouds which is making scenario awesome. We had Marathi food in dinner on a roadside restaurant and by 10.30 we reach to Pune which is still awaking…

Its raining heavily today so I cannot go anywhere. After 4 PM weather become clear and we off to see Tribal Museum. Nobody is here to give us ticket but and old man told us to see the museum but cannot see anything because all rooms are dark. From here, we went to see another Sai Temple, which is replica of real temple. I saw Arti (Main Puja) here which is done by a young priest, around 27-28. He hold lamp in his hand moving it in circular motion and his hands are doing it slowly and perfectly. I like the way he do this and I like music too. When Sai Baba Arti starts everybody sit silently and clapping with rhythm. Priest does the same thing he did before but in middle of the Arti he came out and sprinkles holy water on everybody. This is long Arti, which goes around 30 minutes. After this, we went for dinner and when we are returning I saw few artists performing Marathi Dance Lavni in a Ganapati Pandal, this is again a experience for me back to room…

Today I am going to see Shaniwar Wada, which is an ancient building. I stop into Mulla Mutha River and feel the cold breeze for some time. Traffic is on peak so as heat. Shaniwar Wada is huge palace and busy with lots tourists. In every part of the palace, I found people. Luckily, its drizzling so weather becomes cool. After spending time here, we went to see Chaturdashi Temple, which is again an ancient temple of Goddess but before this, I ate Wada Pav which is tasty Marathi street food. I saw many Ganapti Pandols here…

 Then we went to Parvati Temple. From here, bird I view of Pune city could be seen. We cross the city and reached to hilly area. I take a long and steep walk to reach temple, which is most enjoyable part for me. I saw temple and went up from where I can see a bird eye view of city and then back through Kalayani Nagar, a posh area of city. All huge buildings and malls and offices are here…

This is my last day in Pune and it was my luck that I saw one Visrjana too. Few children were taking their small Ganapti for Visrjan.  They are fully enjoying and dancing and shouting TWINKLE TWINKLE LITTLE STAR… GANAPTI BAPPA SUPER STAR. For me it is the best Visrajan. In the evening when we went to dinner, I saw some more Visarjana…

 Morning, I off to railway station. This time my companies are an old couple and a group of teachers who are going to Nepal to perform devotional music in a temple. This is there first time in AC compartment so they don’t know anything about it but they are simple people. On the way, I saw many waterfall of this side and huge rivers which couldn’t see when I was coming here. I reach Delhi by 7 in the morning and luckily get bus to Nainital…



  1. Work keeps flirting with sending me to India - then they either change there mind or send somebody else. One day I'll get to come back!

    Wonderful series of posts.

    Cheers - Stewart M - Jakarta (for this week!)

  2. Those pictures ae out of this world, I love India. I always wanted go there, but, it too late now. I can always see them in your photography, Vineeta, you are splendid.

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  8. Hey Vineeta,
    Wonderful shots!! Great that market.
    Nice picture of the waterfall.

    Many greetings,

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