Wednesday, 27 January 2016

Goa Experience - Part 1

Again in Delhi. In same Delhi, which I have been faced many times before but every time it gives me new experiences and learning. Just come out from bus and touts start like always and I too behave like every time I repeat the same story by saying - No bhaiya… It’s very much bhaiya… I am not new here… I know the rates... and so on...

Anyway, finally, I take auto rickshaw for Kashmiri gate knowing that auto driver is cheating me but I haven’t any other choice. From there I took metro for Rohini West. Metro is convenient option for daily travel in Delhi. This concept should go other parts of India too. Nowadays mostly youngsters stay busy with smart phones attach headphones in the ears. For them life is impossible without all these manmade commodities…

Weather is hot and sultry. Scorching sun making me sweaty and tired. I finished my work and again went to metro and then rickshaw for Nizamuddin railway station. Soon I was there, which is bustling with passengers. I move to platform no7 for my train Goa Express. Luckily, train is on time but it’s going to be a long journey…

I enter into my coach where one family has already entered. Lady, fair color age around 50-55 is still wearing sunglass inside AC coach. Her daughter, around 24-25 unbelievably fat, is nagging for everything and says - I can’t stand with bad smalls and makes thousands of wrinkle on her face then put out cheap room freshener and spray into coach. When I stop her, she says - I cannot tolerate stinky air. But when I tell her my Asthma problem, she apologized. One more family is sitting on side coach. Lady in this family is shouting on her kids in every single moment…

Journey was not interesting until the girl start talking. She asks me few questions like - Where are u going ? When will u back ? And without waiting anything from me, she giggled and says - We are going to Gwaliyar for my engagement. Then she again laughs and says - you know I don't like going Gwaliyar coz everybody their watches me as a monster because of my weight. Women talks about me and if I will go to any shop, everybody stops work and start stair me with weird eyes. But she is a cheerful girl, who takes her chubbiness in a positive way. She again says - This is my second journey in train. My parents don't send me anywhere. I even can’t go alone in a Delhi. I like travelling but every time when I ask to go out, they say travel with your husband after marriage. She starts laughing again…

Other side of coach, child is making noise badly. Though elder one has slept but small one is like a bomb. He is not sleeping nor letting sleep others. His mother gives him mobile. He plays music and then start dancing and shouting. This is sick that mother gives mobile to children in this small age to play…

Scenario is normal out of window. Sometimes barely fields are appearing and sometimes city or town or villages. Now mother of that girl tells her story – I am a teacher and got paralytic attack. I have to go to doctor everyday but now I will not be able to go doctor. Children are still busy in making noise. Meanwhile Chambel area, once upon famous for dacoit, arrived. Huge Chambal River is flowing slowly-slowly. Here I can see small mud mountains, dacoits used to hide behind them. They get off in Gwalier and old couple takes place. It’s dark now. I finish dinner and retire to bed...

When I wake up train has crossed MP area. That old woman, who came yesterday, has a different habit. She saw everybody with half-close eyes. Sometimes it become difficult to find out that she is waking or sleeping. Slowly train get alive with lots of activities like children’s noise, sharp voice of hawkers, tea-coffee wanders, children of collecting plastic bottles. Train reaches Bhusawal, first station of Maharashtra. Though it’s rainy season but I haven't find any sign of rain. Kids are still shouting and crying which is irritating. Old woman start talking but she doesn’t talk in sequence. She picks up a topic keeps on talking without waiting for any reply or reactions she will suddenly stops. This is also an intelligent way of conversation…

Train reached a beautiful place Dond but Still long way to go so I utilize my time to watch hawkers. They sell their products in a stylish way. The way they talk, the way they walk and the way they look at you, everything is stylish. They always ready to convince you for their products. From Pune new family enters. Woman seems very pretentious, who is nagging for everything in English and trying to show that she should had to go by Air. She is behaving as train is below her standard. I really could not know her standard. But what I know is that they are such a manner less and vociferous people whom I like to called literary illiterate people. They have no sense of silence but luckily, they move to next coach coz they come here mistakenly. I take a deep breath. Next morning when I wake up, I was in Vasco railway station of Goa…

To be continued...


  1. Sorry Vineeta, I don't read very well.

  2. Train travel can never be boring in India!! No pictures??

  3. The journey sounds like an epic!

  4. That's quite the adventure! I've traveled by bus several times but never long distance by train, as the train network here isn't very good.

  5. Looking forward to seeing your holiday photos.

  6. While travelling if we observe things around, we will come across strange people with strange behavior.Some feel that they have conquered the entire Universe.

    Nice narration.No photographs? I like the photographs too and usually your pretty contribution in photographs would be seen.

  7. Nice experience. Looking forward to more.

  8. Hello,

    Very interesting commentary about your train journey from Delhi to Goa. Although you were not very comfortable with your fellow passengers, you had a wonderful experience of fellow passengers. Train journey gives an opportunity to observe closely and interact with different people with different ideas, views, attitudes,opinions which we will not get otherwise.

    Now that you have reached Goa, I am sure you will post photos of the beaches,Churches, temples and other scenery Goa is famous for. Visit the Mapusa market if you can and see the pandemonium there.

    Best wishes

  9. I like to travel by train, seeing the rapid passing landscape or watching people but I can’t stand or feel very weak in sweltering and scorching heat so it would be hard for me if the train is not air-conditioned. Your experiences are intersting.