Tuesday, 1 November 2016

My Childhood Diwali

As I lit Diya (oil lamp) in door entrance my childhood Diwali days drift in my mind. What a lovely and busy days those were !!! We used start cleaning and decorating home many days before Diwali. Making Aipan (door steps) with liquid rice powder and red clay was my desired work in Diwali…

On the main diwali day making of Goddess Laxmi’s motif was one of the most fascinating work and my elder brother had expertise in making goddess face in guava and lemon fruits. In night we lilted diyas and candles together. Whole house echoed with mummy’s voice…

Now everything is available in market. Life is much more comfortable now. Goddess face is available in market. Every type of Aipan stickers are available in market but people become more busy in their own life…

Those days have gone and time has passed only memories remain. Suddenly sound of cracker bring me back into present and I starts lit the diya…

Few pictures of Diwali 

Motif of Goddess Laxmi in make in home


Aipan made by Liquid rice powder and Red clay

 Aipan Stickers 


  1. Wish you all a Happy Deepavali!

  2. Hello Vineeta,
    Nice pictures.
    Great to experience that culture.

    Kind regards,

  3. Happy Deepavali!
    It's a public holiday in Malaysia.
    I miss murukku :)

  4. It looks and sounds wonderful.

  5. Beautiful photos, Vineeta, lovely colours. :)

  6. Hello greetings and good wishes.

    Very interesting post and lovely photos.

    Best wishes

  7. Those were the good old days. Thanks for the beautiful photos. Happy Diwali.

  8. Nice shots. Wish you Happy Deepavali.

  9. So much colour in these festivals _ I'd love to be there to see (and photograph!) one for real.

    Cheers - Stewart M - Melbourne

  10. childhood memories are like most precious treasure in life .i just loved these photos
    particularly the Diyas are gorgeous

  11. Heart-warming childhood memory of Diwali. Some images are so evocative.


  12. Vineeta, childhood memories are precious. You know, people are not that busy.. they just don't value traditions any more and sometimes it's just laziness....hahaha...Happy Year 2017