Thursday, 30 April 2015

Winter Deo Tibba (6001 meter) Expedition – Part 2

 Next morning I went to Manali’s very famous and divine Hidimba Devi temple which is around 2 km. This is four storied, Pagoda style roof temple. Wall and doorway is covered with colourful figures and symbols. Though it is early and cold morning but hustle bustle has start. I walk on road going upward between deodar trees. Many huge hotels and buildings are here but all are not really engage…

 After half an hour I reach to temple where morning rituals are going on. Devotees are standing outside the temple. Drums are blowing in high pitch and bells are ringing continuously. I join them and become part of it. Ritual over after 15 or 20 minutes and now we can go inside. Inside it’s dark and smoky. Only oil lamp is lighting there. Temple has no goddess idol. There are engraved footprints which worship by the devotees. I also prey and priest gives me few dry flower petals as blesses. I come out and stroll in temple campus then went to Old Manali…

I cross Manalsu River bridge and reach to another world. I am walking upward through a narrow road which is dividing Old Manali into upper side and lower side. Mostly shops and restaurants are still not open. Old Manali is absolutely a different world. This place is combination of new and old both. Here I can see ancient life along with new age technology and luxury. I can see traditional wood houses mostly have cattle house and farming land. I see an old man making iron tool with old traditional way. I stop to see him and then move...

Apart of all this I can see new style of restaurant, café house, massage parlor with wi-fi facility. I went to a café house which has wi-fi facility. From the window of café house I could see a family wearing traditional dress going somewhere with their Yaak, Yaak is very useful animal…

After having delicious coffee I move unto Manu Temple. On the name of Saint Manu Manali got his name. Few kids are playing here accept this all is calm and quite. I sit here for a while and then back. Road is still silence. Few locals are moving and few shops have been open. This place is like fairy land. I can see new and ancient both times together. Mostly houses are like guest houses. They serve all the comfort along with their tradition and culture. Though I don’t want to but I cross the same bridge and back to my world…

In Manali life has begun people enjoying group chatting in sun. I take walk on mall road and back. Before start trekking we went to a shop to rent out some climbing equipment like crampons, ice shoes, ice axe, strings etc etc. After finishing all the work we drive till Jagatsuk village which is almost 10 km from Manali. Weather is clear so the scenario of valley is beautiful. As we went up road become narrower and driving become tedious. We stop at Hydraulic power station from where trek would start…

First day trek is easy and short. I have to trek only 5-6 hours. I hang my rucksack and starts trekking. Monty, trek guide, is with me. When I move upward, valley become more beautiful. It’s not steep ascend so I enjoy walking. As Monty is far from me so I walk alone which I love a lot. After 3 hours walk I reach a point where Monty is waiting for me and said – You can rest here for a while. This is the first line Monty talks to me. He is less talkative…

After rest we start again. Now river called Jagatsuk river start follow us and this will follow us till our trek. Though it’s cold but due to sunny weather it is bearable. When I reach camp site one porter comes and show me a huge stone and said – Can you see that stone ? Go there. You will find something interesting. When I reach there I saw a big and clear snake fossil on it. One of local told me – This fossil appeared few years ago. Anyways I back to camp site and sit in the river bank. Everything is silent. I can only hear the voice of river flowing between huge mountains which become red when sun goes down. In night temperature is in minus so I sit near to fire finish dinner and went to sleep…



  1. Wow!! Beautifully captured!! Must have been so much fun!!

  2. Himayalas have magic around them. And you project it so beautifully. I can only envy you

  3. The temple in your first photo is beautiful, as are all the photos you took on your trek. The scenery is simply amazing.

  4. Beautiful images, the people are lovely as well Vineeta.

  5. Excellent travelogue. Thanks for sharing these beautiful photos.

    There was a popular Tamil writer named Jayakanthan. He passed away last month. Another leading writer said of him: When Jayakanthan writes that the rickshaw driver was squatting on the road and smoking beedi, the readers felt the smell of beedi smoke around them. That much powerful writing style.

    I want to say the same thing about your writing. When I read this post, I felt as if I was standing in front of the Temple and praying along with others. I felt I was watching a family walking on the road wearing traditional dress.

  6. Beautiful pictures through language and camera.

  7. Hello greetings and good wishes.

    Lovely photos and very informative post.

    Best wishes

  8. Beautiful!! Lovely experience.

  9. The red mountain is a great shot. The cow/yaak looks cool too. 6 hours of trekking would've exhausted me mid-way! :)

    Destination Infinity

  10. I hope one day I will be able to visit this type of beautiful place!