Monday, 24 October 2016

Migration Turning Uttarakhand’s Villages into Ghost Villages

As I enter into the village near Ranikhet, I was shock to see the row of abandoned houses. These houses are finely crafted and wood carving work can amaze to anyone but all has been ruined.  I haven’t’ see any, who tell me the reason why the beautiful houses are getting ramshackle?

 After one hour I saw an old lady. I ask her the reason. She says – I am 65 and living alone here. All have migrated to the plain in search of work and better life. She says – few people are also there but all are old like me…

Why they all migrated to the plain ? Can’t they get a better life here ? Why don’t they do farming ?  She replies – Farming is getting tough each day. Wild animal like monkeys, langoors, wild boars and porcupines destroy agriculture badly and we cannot do anything against them.  Leopards are another problem. No one knows when they will attack. As sun goes down village become ghostly.

She says tear in her eyes - Government says so much but not does anything for the development of villages. This is not the only village which becomes ghostly.  Other villages are also turning into ghost villages due to lack of Government policies…

Bright Himalaya was seeking my attention with his beauty but I don’t want to see the Himalaya so back from there…       

Ramshackle House 

Wood carving Door

                                                                                           Wood carving Upper part of Door

                                                                                              Wood carving Window


  1. Beautiful building in a terrible state.

  2. Schöne Schnitzereien an der Tür des alten Hauses.


  3. Very sad. villages are turning into ghost vilages.

  4. It is sad to see locales leaving the place.

  5. It's a shame to see villages being abandoned. In my part of the world we have many ghost towns which no longer have people, usually in the mountains.

  6. I actually quite like this place.

  7. That is sad. Along with building cities, we must also focus on saving our villages.

  8. Hello Vineeta,
    Very impressive shots.
    Great to get a look.

    Kind regards,

  9. B&W images cause greater impact on us about this theme. When human maintenance disappears, nature takes over the area, that’s quite natural.


  10. Did you go inside?

  11. I think this problem existing across most villages across India, most of our generation people have migrated out of the village or are in process of migration.

  12. Wonderful photos! It's so hard sometimes to see abandoned places. I love the B&W photos.